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Moving is a time-consuming task that can quickly turn stressful. Please leave it to our team at Flexdolly Moving & Delivery-ATX Moving Company to help you settle your furniture and more into your new living space. We take pride in being one of the best moving companies near Round Rock, TX. You can rely on our team to take your belongings safely and effectively to your new place. Although we specialize in small local moves, we’re eager to take on any work to meet all your expectations.

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We Do the Hard Work, So You Don’t Have To

Our furniture movers are always available for your moving needs and even provide last-minute assistance when necessary. We’re dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction. Whether you need local movers or long-distance movers, we do it all! Leave the packing and furniture assembly to our specialists and enjoy your new journey.

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Ready to move to your new home or apartment? Call us now! We’re one of the most reliable moving companies near Round Rock, TX. Get the best moving experience with our professionals and at a fair price. Learn more by calling our team!

Our Full Range of Services

We put together any piece of furniture quickly and efficiently.

Furniture Assembly

We pick up from any local retailer and deliver straight to your desired location.

Furniture and Appliance Delivery

Specialized loading and unloading services for your moving needs.

Loading / Unloading

We’ll help you move your belongings safely and efficiently to any location you need.

Local Move

Comprehensive moving solution to make your long distance moving easier.

Regional Move

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