Reviews are critical Avoid quotes that are too good to be true Straight forward pricing Local phone number Professional and respectful communication Full service (putting items together, putting items where they belong, etc) A website (not necessary, but helps) Ability to speak with a real person Avoid companies that only accept cash
Yes, you can hire just 1 person that will help you, it is not required to have 2 guys.
Yes, we can service moves of all sizes. We consistently do small deliveries and the same property moves all around Austin.
Yes, we can help with any of your moving needs within Texas borders
We have a 2.5-hour minimum on jobs that require a moving truck, and generally 2 hours on all other jobs, however, we can sometimes work with lowering the minimum.
Yes we offer both residential and commercial moving services for our clients
We offer last-minute moving services as soon as the same day (contingent on availability). If we can help you we will!
Venmo and Zelle are our most common payment methods, but we can also accept Apple Pay, Cash App, Paypal (3% fee), and Credit cards (3% fee).
$3/mile for every mile over 10 miles on jobs requiring a moving truck Travel fees on jobs with extended travel time (30+ minutes from our team) Other than this there are no other fees and these fees can be waived on certain occasions.
We do offer packing services, but only have a few team members able to offer this service. It is preferred that the customer packs their own boxes.
Tipping is NEVER required and should never be required by a moving company. Tipping is optional and based on the quality of the service you were provided. Think like a restaurant
Yes, at Moving Up ATX we offer full-service furniture assembly for any of your new furniture additions. We also offer disassembly and reassembly of furniture needed during your move at no additional cost
I, the owner used to offer lots of odd job services from 2018 to 2020. In the middle of 2020, we went full-time moving and furniture assembly and became Moving Up ATX.
As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to grow and “move up” in life. I hold my partners to this same standard and am always looking to help them move up professionally as well as in their personal life. We are a company focused on Moving Up in the world!
Yes, we offer a discount for our military customers as well as some referral-based discounts!
Our pricing is quite simple actually. We offer hourly pricing on 90% of jobs, with an occasional travel fee that is mentioned upfront. On some occasions, we offer flat rates for smaller projects. For out-of-town jobs, we offer a base rate to cover all included expenses + hourly rate for the loading and unloading time.
If you opt for a truck option, included will also be blankets, ratchet straps, dollies, and plastic wrapping as needed.
Yes, on some occasions. Case by case.
Yes absolutely, this makes it even easier for us!
Yes, we do. We ask that you disconnect these items beforehand, but if not we can take care of this.
It is preferred to have drawers empty, however, it is not required. If drawers contain breakable items we do ask that they be taken out in advance to avoid any damage.
Firearms, whether loaded or unloaded, may not be moved under any circumstance. We cannot move anything flammable, hazardous, or toxic. This includes, but is not limited to, propane bottles, gas cans, pesticides, paint, etc. We will not move any power equipment unless it has been emptied of fuel and/or oil.
We match the State of Texas standard for compensation for loss or damage, which is $0.60 per pound, per item. Although we have this match in place, we have never had to use it!
You can either fill out the form on our website (attach link) or give us a call/text at 512-903-4681
Yes, we generally collect a deposit equating to the cost of the first hour of service. This is to reserve a spot on our calendar and pays for the first hour of service. The remaining balance will be due at completion.
We will collect an upfront deposit (which is applied towards the total) and the remaining balance will be paid directly to the crew onsite at the completion.
We generally offer a 1-hour start window for the first job of the day and if you need a job in the afternoon it will be set to start after the first so time will be an estimate, not a guarantee.
We do not charge extra for these things.
Moving times vary significantly and with a wide variety of factors. If given an estimate it is just that, we work to complete the job as safely and quickly as possible, but in some circumstances, the moving time can be affected.
It is best to move your personal items of great value in your own vehicle when possible, however, our team will safely secure the items in the truck as needed.
Depending on the severity of the weather, we may work with you to determine a new move date/time, however, if the weather isn’t too bad we can continue as planned.
Loading your pod/truck Unloading your pod/truck Pick up truck move Moving truck move Furniture delivery Same property moving Furniture assembly Packing your items
Over time our rates have gone up as consolidated the size of our team so we can focus more on quality.
This should never be something you have to ask, but unfortunately, it is. We often time advertise ourselves as last-minute movers and therefore we see a lot of customers in this position and we save the day. If we book you, we will be there!
We book as far out as 3 months away, although we can book further out on special occasions.
Have all small things packed in boxes/totes Have furniture disassembled Have appliances disconnected Have items downstairs and/or close to doors None of these things are required but do help us with getting our work done faster
We focus on serving Austin and the surrounding areas, however, we are happy to help with projects further out, but will have travel fees associated.
We only do walkthroughs on very large movers or those going out of town. Otherwise, with a proper list and pictures/videos, we can give you a property estimate.
We generally start our days around 9 and finish around 6, however, we have worked all through the night and are happy to depend on the job at hand.

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